Befuddled. Awestruck.

Our brains hate mystery. We don’t know why we were created. So we created the debt markets, the industries to fool ourselves into believing that success here is the purpose of our being.  So that we can die in peace “knowing” why we were alive.

We create our own tiny circle of deceptions inside the big, unfathomable circle that, I believe, actually exists. We know we can never reach there so we simply pretend that it doesn’t exist. Pretend that our systems are the way life is.

I shall let you judge whether I am a soul, wary of the nothingness of this life or one which is awestruck by the “everythingness” that we have made out of it.

We are but rats stuck in a wheel. We jump between grades, fashion, money and respect, thinking we have earned it all, never asking why.

We procrastinate on finding the purpose, because we don’t want to lose out on this race in the meanwhile.

Drinking down the poison the way you were taught

Ever thought from here on your life begins

And all you knew was wrong? #PorcupineTree


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