So silly.

It was when I was afraid to be left alone at home that my dad planted the theory of people hating mystery in my head. He said, “Close all doors in the house. Keep open space minimum. You will be less scared. You know why? You know what is the first thing people do when they enter home? Scramble to find the light switch. People hate darkness. Darkness is mystery. It means we don’t have full information. Humans cannot deal with that state. That is why we created the concept of ghosts to mask this fear of not knowing. To fake a reason for this inexplicable fear. You know why people created Gods? Because this world confuses us. We don’t know how it began so we create a fictitious character who has supreme power. There are no supernatural beings outside but the fear of lack of information inside our heads.”

So much to keep a child from being afraid of being left alone at home! Yet, this theory has been my favorite toy ever since. 🙂

Well, assuming we are indeed puppets of that big conspiracy, here’s another circle that we are unconsciously running in.

We are programmed to like things which aren’t supposed to be.
We want a pretty house, look for people who are liked by others, do things that others think you must do.

On the flip-side, life is an attempt to keep away from things which have been designed to be so desirable. Can you like people for their personality not their looks? Can you buy a house that you can afford but not show off? Can you eat spinach and skip chocolates?

Knowing how hard it is and knowing you must, can you?

We have to make ourselves move ourselves away from things that we are made to want to move towards.

It is just one of the games. It keeps our little brains occupied. Helps us waste our years like this. So silly.

I hate to disappoint and derange you with these thoughts especially while I am a here, running right next to you in this race, getting myself that gorgeous MBA.

Oh, and I put my addiction to music to use and give you a good reason to read till the end of the post- relevant snippets from my favorite songs. It’s Morcheeba for this one. 🙂

I’ve gained the world then lost my soul
Maybe it’s cause I’m getting old
All the people that I know
Have gained the world then lost their souls


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