Ahh. I have you here. You know it sells. My post is about it too. It is more about Sex minus the awkwardness, basically, the Gender.

Have you ever thought, what would your reaction to events, happenings, situations and news be if you turned down the switch that asks you for information about the actors’ gender?

What if two people were friends. It is not a boy or girl, man or woman. You naturally don’t think about it. “He” and “she” is replaced with “it”. Instinctively, you only think of people as people. As humans with some minor differences in the physical body only to enable procreation. Period. Souls covered in some flesh capsule. No implication on behavior, choices or expectations from them. When you connect with people, purely because you get along well. Nobody in the world ever gets the idea that, “but, hey, he’s a boyyyy!” People frown upon it and call it stupid even if someone mentions it. Because, maybe it is true. We are simply people. We don’t think whether we are a boy or a girl when you are being good at something or when we instinctively like something. Statistically, we may have learnt from our experience that mostly women are bad drivers but maybe she is not. And, it is ironic that “maybe” is the most certain thing in the world. My Marketing Research professor tried to give an example about how statistics is used to link absurd combinations. For example, let’s say, people who have toasters at home are most likely right- handed. Would you now go and target right handed people to sell toasters because they’re, statistically, likely to buy one? Get my point?

“He’s a guy, he should be funny”

“She’s a girl. She’s definitely not good at Maths!”

I don’t blame it. I do, at times, appreciate the utility of stereotypes and am guilty of indulging in them too. We make generalizations because of this thing in our bodies called the brain. It is capable of building skyscrapers but does not have the energy to take new things with a new perspective. It wants to create simple connections such as boy- ESPN and girl- VH1 because it doesn’t want to think each time over. Stereotypes are just a way of easing things out for the brain which is lazy and also thirsty for information at the same time (Theory of hating mystery, remember?).

But the generalizations are the reason for perpetuation and not the source of this. Does pink have this unique RGB combination that shouted out “girly” in some code? NO. Who knows, world would have been thinking blue is “girly” if the guy who started it had thought so. It is the obsessive need for identification and social conditioning. We love to make rules for conduct that can prove we belong together and all humans are one type. The obvious physical differences (there might be more but I am talking about the one I am sure about) between a male and a female gives the rule-makers enough meat to define such rules. When your parents taught you not to yell because you were a girl, remember? Rules, it is funny how the importance of rules lies on them being broken. To show how pathetic the someone who didn’t comply would be made to feel and eventually, to re-instate the rule further in the community.

Maybe there is a natural sexual tension between the genders that makes it difficult to live together while totally ignoring these differences. Maybe the differences that we believe in are indeed true and scientifically established. Maybe Betty should make sandwiches and Tom should drive the car.

But there was a time when people believed the caste system was the truth, that homosexuality was a disease. Maybe we could have this new way of looking at each other. And “maybe”, is the most certain thing.

Basically, all I’m saying is If someone had not told me I am supposed to like pink, I would have actually known which color I like the most.

You may say, I’m a dreamer,

but I am not the only one.

Someday you’ll join us and the world will live as one.

Credits: Do I really have to..?


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