I wear these red bangles, vermilion on my forehead and a black chain

Everything is different, yet everything is same

I like to wake up late in the mornings and peer out of the window with my tea

Apparently, that is not how my mornings can be

My mornings, noon and night

Basically, my entire life

Will now be dictated by terms these inanimate objects carry

They hold the teachings of the people we forget but remind us of what they believed

Can I question them? Maybe. Although, will I question them? A definite no

I have grown up seeing the same

Million miles deep in my heart, these beliefs are now ingrained

As he knocks on the door, I rush to get it

I pick up his shoes and socks. I make his dinner and set it

Do I have hobbies and choices? Can I dare?

The belief is so deep, I no more care

I wear these red bangles

Are they a cage on my hands?

I take them off, hold them together and peer at the sun through them

And I realize, they are a kaleidoscope to life and I can see such beautiful sights, I would have never thought I can

O Ri Chiraiya
Nanhi si chidhiya
Aangana mein fir aaja reee….

Song credits: O Ri Chiraiya

Note: I wrote this thinking about how conventionally marriage has set rules on women’s lifestyle. And about how, recently, I have seen men view women as their equals. It changes the lives of these women. I hope more and more men are able to respect and value women in their life and give them the power of choice.


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