The Mystery called “Mother”

Everyone finds their mother to be the most beautiful person ever

How can so many people be so great I have always wondered?

The softest heart, a circle with no edges, unbroken lines

Yet, such a pillar of strength in tough times

Not breaking down when you might have thought

You might expect a rain of tears and she will give you a drought

A mother is a father and a little better

Can anyone complain? Even fathers cannot deny they are awestruck by their mothers

This one is an endless story

It will forever be a mystery to me

How can there be so many amazing people,

Each and every, venerated by their children

Although, I also stand nonchalant of what others think

There cannot be a competition to my mother I am convinced

I am her shadow, and just like a shadow, my life is but an attempt to be like her

But..do all children think this way?

How can there be so many amazing people?

I am awestruck by my mother for who she is,

I am also awestruck by what a mother is

Tujhe sab hai pata, hai na maa?

Song credits: “Maa” from the movie “Taare zameen par”


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