Leap of faith

When there is something troubling you and deep down you know what it is, yet you analyse

There’s no need to run in circles and try to rationalize

There is an unnerving discomfort, which you cannot pacify

That is when you will know you need to act, it is a sign and it is your ally

Make that move, jump off the cliff

In the beginning, you might think you will fall

But later, you will enjoy it all

We own our happiness, and proud you should be

If you took that little step to your destiny

The step begins with a loving nudge

Well, we all are humans, fated to self- pity and grudge

In no time you shall find, the force of the nudge alongside

And like a parachute, it will help you glide

If you reach a better place, glad you will be

If not, you tried, you cannot hate yourself at least?

And if not, try again what else is life if not this?


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