To make a penny or break a heart?

Why is it that we are forever torn between comfort of the body and comfort of the mind?

Life throws our way such acid tests from time to time

Remember when you broke up with your school sweetheart to make your way to college and earn a lot

Remember how sad that made you feel, you got over it quickly so that wasn’t a big deal

Remember when you wanted to study the stars but your parents would not let you decide

Remember how they made the safest bet and hung a stethoscope along your tie

That is when you chose heart but did not get a chance to choose

But remember the time when you got to wake up but you decided to hit on snooze?

Remember when they said you sing very well

And that was how you wanted to spend your time, but you decided not yet

You chose to lead a life you could predict

The prediction wasn’t great but you were fine with it

There was a moment to dive off the plane but you made a cautious call

You wore your seat belt, plugged in your earphones and listened to others’ songs

How did you not realise, you did not dive but now the plane was falling down

Remember when you thought it was too late when you could still have got it all?

Remember how you thought you have too much to lose?

How you could not value the priceless to choose

Remember how you said things were great the way they are

And how you muttered under your breath, assuring yourself, “yes they are, yes they are”

You made a penny and broke a heart

This time it must have hurt, the heart was yours

Remember how you sat in your rocking chair,

Wondering where you would be if not there

And now you peer down from the skies,

Watching truth and watching lies


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