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If I was another

If I was lion I would be ruthless and maul

If I was a snake, all I would do is crawl

If I was a tiger, I would be so proud

If I was a monkey, I would entertain many crowds

If I was a peacock, I would dance in the rain

If I was a cat, I would be so vain

If I was a dog, I would snuggle up to you

If I was a rat, I would stick on the glue

If I was a bird, so happily I would fly

If I was a fish, I would swim and dive

If I was an owl, I would stare and not blink

Alas, I am a human and unfortunately, I think

I wonder if it would be better to have no mind

But I have no choice and I am always bothered

I wonder what it would be like if I was another

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum


3 thoughts on “If I was another”

  1. Hey Sheetal,allow me to give a suggestion here.I enjoyed reading many posts on this blog,a lot of them are very meaningful and totally deserve a lot more appreciation which gets me thinking as to why they haven’t yet! I’m just guessing this,do you use tags?Because I don’t see any.here and tags are extremely important to get people to see your work,of course the daily prompts help but this is the other major way you can promote your blog!Tags like ‘Poetry’ are extremely popular and will help you get a lot more views I’m sure.Should you require any help with it,I’d be glad to do so. Stay blessed! Happy blogging 🙂


    1. Hi Aks! Thanks a lot for your compliment and feedback. 🙂 I have only recently started blogging in a more disciplined manner. I am still learning how to make my blog discover-able and I am sure Tags would be a great way to do that. I will reach out to you for help if I am stuck. Thanks again and happy blogging to you too!


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