Poetry, travel

What is a “retreat” for you?

In response to Daily Prompt: Retreat


I am looking into my thesaurus,

Wondering if “Retreat” stands for a place or an action,

Is this ambiguous or open to interpretation?

Is retreat when you painfully say the word “Sorry”?

When you thought they would give you drum rolls but you had to give a white flag of apologies?

Or is retreat the beautiful resort that they show on the glossy pages of magazines?

With happy children on hammocks and around streams?

Is retreat that place which appears shabby and undone?

But where you can throw your socks around, drop yourself on the couch and watch rom-coms?

Is retreat where it doesn’t matter what place it is but you are around him?

It is a noun but one that can’t be felt with your hands, it is nothing but a feeling?



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