Oh, sunshine!

I sit uncomfortably without a backrest

With a single agenda, might seem insane to many

To catch the burst of early summer rays on my skin


There are evening people, night people and morning people

I find it is not the time but the presence of this happy light that’s fulfilling

One inexplicable joy,

And the mystery of midnight sun finally makes sense


Being deprived in moony cold windy winters

I experience withdrawal symptoms to this drug of nature

I indulge when I find what’s mine and everyone’s


I don’t want this day to end

This pleasure of spending time with my favorite companion

Blissfully unaware of how it gives me joy

With no effort, only by the virtue of being


But slave to the cycles of time

It must leave

Leave some yearning and some staring at stars

I will wade through the night to deserve to see you again

via Daily Prompt: Aware


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