One airplane journey

Happily I grabbed my window seat, settled with my book and earplugs

Then walked in a couple, wrapped in each other, looking snug

The girl was a little too chirpy I said to myself

They were moving towards me, it was going to be hell!

The husband had a middle seat in row three

The wife also had a middle seat, right next to me!

She pouted and made a big sad face at the separation

The husband tried to get her a seat next to him but was unsuccessful

She looked at me hopefully, I made lame excuses and apologized

She went back to pouting, I was a bit sad this time

After ten minutes of thought, I decided to do something “impromptu”

I offered the husband my seat and got million ‘Thank Yous’

While I was sulking, I tried hard to look fine

I looked around for another window seat, passengers were packed like sardines

Suddenly the attendant announced our take off

I looked to the seat on my left and could not believe what I saw

Just one out of the hundred seats was empty, the window seat next to me

I jumped to it happily and peered outside with glee

Someone tapped me from behind and I frowned that way

The husband smiled and told me, “Thanks a lot anyway”


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