Questions plaguing my mind

Why can’t they just say, “Have a nice flight” instead of saying, “Have a safe flight”?

Why does nobody say,” The most handsome groom” but does not forget to say, “The prettiest bride”?


When I lie on the grass and see the clouds glide; is it the winds blowing the clouds or the clouds are stationery and the Earth is rotating?

Why do we forget to be in the moment but click pictures to remember it forever, only to later format the hard disk?


Who makes these wars when everyone I know and everyone they know doesn’t want it?

Why do they back conspiracy theories with proof and then call it conspiracy theories?


Why do diamonds come from coal mines and lotuses grow in swamps, is this oxymoron a coincidence or a strong metaphor?

Why do girls with curly hair want straight hair and ones with straight hair want curly hair?


Why do we click selfies around disaster sites?

We smile because we are happy or we are happy because we smile?


Why do songs always pump you about life but all they actually do is make you listen to them on repeat?

Why do we casually assume we are young now and forever will be?


These are some questions plaguing my mind

I have always wanted to ask; but it never seemed to be a good time


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