Are you a traveler or a tourist?

Which kind are you? Neither is good or bad, it is just that we must genuinely try to understand which one makes us the happiest. I categorize people basis their end to end process of planning and execution of the trip. Travelers are ones who introspect what their mood is, search for destinations, look cursorily at popular attractions and news around these places and then finalise by listening to their instinct. They want to feel the vibe of the place, understand the culture and come back with memories. Tourists will find what is popular then they simply pick one out of those places. They google top attractions, click a million photographs (and selfies) and upload on social media immediately. I don’t think it is bad to want to visit popular destinations or to be a tourist but, I beg you, to once give a chance to the traveler in you. Try to have a more involved, relaxed and personal experience. I used to like to tick places off my list but I decided to try the traveler way one time. Despite a million things to do around the Amalfi coast, I decided to visit the coast twice. TWICE! That is a punishable offense for a “tourist” but I decided to it anyway. I had seen the Amalfi coast from my bus window and knew what it looked like. But I gave it another chance, I went back but this time on a bike. I loved the experience and realised I loved the place at least twice as much this time! While in Sorrento, I took a day off just to drink some local wine and roam around the streets in a happy frenzy. You think you might remember the leaning tower of Pisa or the Taj Mahal but believe me these are the times which really make you happy. If you really want to relax and refresh yourself after a trip- what’s the point of going by what others think? If you really want to you can go to a hundred places in a lifetime, there is no hurry and there is no list!

After all, the mountains, rivers and the trees are all beautiful excuses to be with people with whom you want to be!


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