The Elation- Depression Continuum

Travel Continuum1.JPG

Exact thoughts as they come from 15 days before, during and 15 days after your trip! We could call it the Travel Thoughts Continuum or Elation- Depression Continuum, both represent the misery of adjusting back to your routine life equally well. But both are misnomers because, frankly, it does not really end on depression, it ends with you realizing that your routine life is not bad at all. Resonate and enjoy.

  1. Exxcitement
  2. Lightness, detachment from corporate world
  3. Frustrations of last minute arrangements
  4. Arrival- FREEE
  5. Wide-eyed. Out of comfort zone. Everything is so new!
  6. I can pronounce the name of my street! Confident about culture, customs and traffic signs
  7. Aware it is going to end soon
  8. I wish I wasn’t so lazy last week!
  9. Satisfaction
  10. Departure- In the plane- enough sadness and nostalgia to kill a mouse. Realization that this is ONE LAST JOURNEY. You might come back to this place but not with the same people and in the same weather and in the same age
  11. Enter into your dusty room. Extreme sadness. Jetlag. Researching about Musk’s Hyperloop plans
  12. Getting comfortable. Calling friends and more friends
  13. Life is not bad actually

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