Questions plaguing my mind

Why can’t they just say, “Have a nice flight” instead of saying, “Have a safe flight”? Why does nobody say,” The most handsome groom” but does not forget to say, “The prettiest bride”?   When I lie on the grass and see the clouds glide; is it the winds blowing the clouds or the clouds… Continue reading Questions plaguing my mind


One airplane journey

Happily I grabbed my window seat, settled with my book and earplugs Then walked in a couple, wrapped in each other, looking snug The girl was a little too chirpy I said to myself They were moving towards me, it was going to be hell! The husband had a middle seat in row three The… Continue reading One airplane journey

Poetry, travel

What is a “retreat” for you?

In response to Daily Prompt: Retreat   I am looking into my thesaurus, Wondering if “Retreat” stands for a place or an action, Is this ambiguous or open to interpretation? Is retreat when you painfully say the word “Sorry”? When you thought they would give you drum rolls but you had to give a white flag… Continue reading What is a “retreat” for you?


To make a penny or break a heart?

Why is it that we are forever torn between comfort of the body and comfort of the mind? Life throws our way such acid tests from time to time Remember when you broke up with your school sweetheart to make your way to college and earn a lot Remember how sad that made you feel, you… Continue reading To make a penny or break a heart?